HID Conversion Kits Installation

Published: 13th May 2010
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It is believed that most people spend money on Headlight system upgrading for their cars, hence HID Conversion Kit is best option. Before speaking about HID kits installation on your car, it is better to talk about what's introduced in HID conversion kit. Four common HIDs are available in the market.

Single Beam Kit: This comes with a pair of HID ballast and two pairs of HID bulbs. Common sizes of Bulb are 9004-1, 9005, 9006, H1, H3, H4-1, H7 etc.

Telescope Kit: This can switch between low beam and high beam with a pair of HID ballast. Common sizes of Bulb are 9004-2, 9007-2 and H4-2.

High-Low Beam: Common sizes of bulbs for High-Low kit are 9004-2, 9007-2 and H4-2. This HID kit has four HID bulbs with two pairs of HID ballasts.

Bi-Xenon Kit: Common bulb sizes for Xenon kit are 9004-4, 9007-4, H4-4. Two HID bulbs on each bulb are available, which works for low and high beam.

These four kits are designed to give more and long lasting light than other kits for lighting. HID kits are replacement to existing headlight bulb, as their installation is extremely easy. Starter receives signal from vehicle and send to ballast quickly. The HID ballast amplifies the signal and sends it to bulb, which then produces the light. A mixture of salts and gases is found in the bulb. When bulb receives amplified signal from ballast, it stimulates the bulb gases to create light output. The color varies according to color temperature of kit. Blue headlights and white are more attractive and popular.

These kits are better because of their visual appeal and functionality they offer. They do add class to your car and also give a confidence to drive in rain, fog and night driving. Installation of these kits is easy. Firstly, set up the components and search a better mounting spot for both the starter and HID ballast. It should be sure that wiring from both of them not be too snug. After finding the mounting spot, attach them firmly into place. Tighten them well to the vehicle. Using the latex gloves, remove the halogen bulb from headlight and then unplug the plug from this. Now take the plug and plug it into newly mounted starter. Then plug the starter into ballast and plug the new bulb carefully into housing of headlight. You can't touch the bulb with your hands, so use latex gloves. New one should go in same manner as the old one has come out. After fastened it securely into place with reconnected rubber bands, plug ballast into bulb. You may feel that there is need to adjust the headlights. Owners manual can help you to find more information about how to do this.

If we talk about the price of HID conversion kit, it is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and most manufacturers are offering warranty of 1 year for kits. So it is a better idea to update halogen bulbs with latest technology HID bulbs.

White or Blue headlights will make your vehicle more attractive. Please be sure about the hid kits you want to install.

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